This Week … Bucket List, Updates & Cuteness

It’s been a week!

I have to admit the Queen’s death and services have caught my time and attention: “history in the making” in my lifetime. It compels me to pay attention. Like other events that forever live in my memory: JKF, MLK, RK assassinations, 9/11, wars, weather disasters, Presidential Parades/Ceremonies, Etc.

I thought I’d bring you up to speed in a few things in my life.

There was another infamous day in our family this week…

This guy, my loving, devoted Dad, turned 92!! What A JOY to celebrate this day with him!! We celebrated with seafood, which is what you do on the Eastern Shore of MD. Dad had scallops. My brother had soft-shelled crabs. I chose Fish ‘n Chips in honor of the Queen (catfish).

The Bucket List event I marked off was in August. I’ve wanted to visit all the Great Lakes. Lake Erie was under my belt. This year, we vacationed at Lake Michigan!

The whole family met up for a week along its shores. That was the first time in three years we’ve all been together in the same spot! It was glorious!!!

Did anyone hear me break out in song?

I’ll be the first to raise my hand for vacationing in a cooler spot! Every. Time. The beaches were lovely and many beach choices within a short distance. They offered bathhouses, food trucks, lots of beach area and smaller crowds than east coast beach locations! One beach was right in town, so you could meander a short distance to restaurants. One even had a playground. Yes, the waves were smaller. Although, I understand they can get large. It looks like an ocean; water as far as you can see.

Big Benefits: great for small children, no salt, lower humidity (praise God), much smaller crowds and no sharks! Also, closer than the East Coast for two thirds of us!

It was delightful!

We flew with only a one hour delay on our return flight. Nothing like earlier in the summer!! (Read Here)

Many have asked, “Any news from the publisher?”


I’m trying to wait. It’s not unusual to have a sizeable gap in hearing, it gets old waiting. And, I’m getting older as I wait😂 Oy Vey!

I’ve expressed over and over how long it is taking me to downsize and process through 40 years of boxes!

WE ARE ALMOST THERE… 4 boxes left in storage!!!

I still have some emptied ones to process here at the house to make room to bring them here. The end is in sight and I am throwing an online celebration when it happens!! You will know!!


My littles say the cutest things.

They are all very verbal and astound us with comments. If you know us, the verbal part is no surprise; family trait. Remember, my Dad was a University professor: it goes on from there!

I just have to share three from this week…

Six-year-old Deacon:

I was on FaceTime with his two-year-old brother… Deacon appears in full Spiderman outfit. (His Mom whispers in the background, “we’re only allowed to call him Spider-Man or Peter Parker”)

Immediately, he says…

“Zee Zee, Deacon is out on an adventure on his bicycle. This is Spider-Man.”

Me: Hey Spider-Man, good to see you! When Deacon gets back, could you give him a message for me?”

Spider-Man: “Sure”

Me: “Would you tell him I love him with all my heart?”

Spider-Man: “HE KNOWS!”

GaspHeart-melt! I am so glad he knows!! Thanks Spider-man for revealing Deacon’s heart to me… you’re the best!

Two-year-old Justice:

To his Mom:Let’s call Zee Zee… she’s cute!

I’m cute!

I feel like Rudolph when Clarice called him cute!

Justice probably already forgets he said it, but I won’t! When a two-year-old calls you cute, it’s forever memorable! Thanks bud for the adorable cherished compliment!!

The sweetest little towhead! (His parents remind us he can be a rascal too. Nah!)

Another heart-melt!!

My Phone.

Two-years and One month Goldie:

To her Mom: “I need allergy medicine.”

What two-year-old knows when she needs any kind of medicine? Crazy! Her assessment was correct! Gotta love a woman who knows what she needs and can express it!

Goldie went to visit “Happy” two weeks ago. She calls my Dad, “Happy”, derived from Pappy. We all love it, especially him! She can pronounce the “P” now, but “Happy” is his name!

“Pappy” & “Great-Happy”!

These three “Littles” just amaze me!

I know yours do to, children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc.:

Share the latest quote in the comments!


Comment a happening from your week!

Time moves on,

6 thoughts on “This Week … Bucket List, Updates & Cuteness

  1. Loved this update! First of all, Happy Birthday to your sweet Daddy! You are so very blessed to still have him here!!
    Secondly, your vacation looks incredible and I know what it means to you to have all your family together! I’m so thankful to have all of mine close by and that we get together often! I’m truly blessed in that area!
    Lastly, we have a Spider-Man / Peter Parker in our compound as well! He magically appears at some point in our home everyday! lol The Hulk and Caption America also stop by! Colten’s imagination is very impressive! Our great-grandbabies are such a precious gift from God! Each generation just gets sweeter!

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  2. I had surgery that required shaving half of my head. It’s in the growing out stage now but still very short – the blond is gone and it’s au natural with “glitter”, wavy & curly.

    G: I like Gramma’s hair like that.
    S: You mean short?
    G: Yeah, and that color – she looks like a grandma.

    🤔hmmm… I need to think on that one… ”

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